Holistic Learning

At ASM Empros International School, we believe in nurturing not only academic excellence, but also physical, emotional, intellectual, creative, spiritual and social well-being of children. Our approach to learning is not only instructional, but also experiential, exploratory and collaborative, for the all-round development of children.

EIS lays emphasis on sports like football, basketball, athletics etc. on our airy and spacious playground. The staff also periodically organises activities like archery, theatre, martial arts, Western and Folk dance etc. Our teachers are trained in various teaching and learning methodologies that constantly challenge students and keep them motivated and engaged. Inquiry-based and application-oriented approaches are employed and children are encouraged to learn both independently and collaboratively. EIS aims to instil a lifelong love for learning among its students, so that they keep growing into self-confident and responsible citizens of the society.

"Educating the
mind, without
educating the
heart is no
education at all."

- Aristotle