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Nurture Connections, Embrace Learning, Empower Yourself

Quality education is not a matter of chance, it is carefully and consciously cultivated. Education in its true sense is an ecosystem that helps students follow their natural curiosity and unravel their own unique career paths. Welcome to ASM Empros International Schools - Talegaon, Chinchwad.

At ASM Empros International Schools we firmly believe that in a constantly changing world, benefits of education are amongst the only few constants. We envision education as a transformative journey - a journey of inquiry, learning and exploring.

Our Mission

To identify and hone each child’s unique talents, while preserving their sense of individuality. We want to provide a learning environment that encourages natural curiosity and allows students to discover and express themselves to their fullest potential. It is our endeavour to instil in each child, an innate sense of compassion and a self-established code of ethics. We aim to nurture creators and innovators that are intrinsically motivated to embark on new and untrodden paths.

Our Vision

To become a global centre of learning that fosters an environment of academic, social and emotional development of the highest standards.

Our Core Values

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international schools in pcmc, schools in india chinchwad, best schools in talegaon
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international schools in pcmc, schools in india chinchwad, best schools in talegaon
international schools in pcmc, schools in india chinchwad, best schools in talegaon

Why Choose ASM's Empros International Schools - The EIS Edge

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After having established themselves in the field of engineering and management, ASM Group of Institutes, Pune, is expanding their professional knowledge and experience and establishing a chain of international schools, providing high-quality education. Our endeavor at ASM Empros International Schools is to create an educational legacy that will leave its imprints on the students’ soul long after they complete their school education. In this endeavor we are lucky to be backed by 35 years of educational legacy of ASM Group of Institutions.

Wisdom World School Wakad, Pune, another centre of academic excellence established by the ASM Group, has blossomed in a relatively short period of 4 years. It grew from a strength of 400 students to 1600 students under the able guidance of Ms. J. Simoes and a dedicated team of teachers, with an excellent track record. Ms. Simoes was recently awarded the ‘National Award for Teachers’ by the President of India. She has had a glorious career as a teacher, principal and mentor spanning over three decades. Under her masterful vision and firm direction, VEIS is on the path to becoming the global centre of excellence it has set out to become.

Principal's Message - Empros Chinchwad

Dr.Vaishali Girish Chavan
Empros International School

“Children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded…

They are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”

School – the immediate extension of child’s family, the miniature world of a child- shoulders a great responsibility in preparing its students for life. The society, nation and the world too looks up to the schools for creating and shaping efficient citizens who will decide the future of mankind. And this is possible only with a strong co- ordination between Visionary Management, Efficient and Dedicated School Staff and Co-operative ,SupportiveParents .

Empros International School firmly adheres to its vision and mission to bring about a holistic development in its students and make them future ready.

The collaborative and co- operative learning approach upthrusts not only their social well -being but also widens the magnitude of their emotional and intellectual capabilities

While pacing with the fast changing world,the students should also be groomed up to value the rich culture and cherish human values which will empower them to build a strong foundation based on Past and Present for a towering future.

As a devotee and a volunteer in the field of education I strongly believe that right education can help a child learn to balance his personal traits and help him to emerge as a socially and morally responsible torch bearer for the generations to come.

“The greatest gifts that we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

Let’s put hand together and encourage our children to unfold themselves and mold the world!!

Principal's Message - Empros Talegaon

Dr. Ishtiyaque Ahmed Shaikh
Empros International School

To those who see with loving eyes,
life is beautiful
To those who speak with tender voices,
life is peaceful
To those who help with gentle hands,
life is full And to those who care with compassionate hearts,
life is good beyond all measure!”

We believe in a joyful experiential learning system wherein, each child is encouraged to participate wholeheartedly! At Empros , we leave no stone unturned to offer multitudes of opportunities to our children; it is for them to make the most of it. Children should be motivated to grab every opportunity that comes their way which would not only help in their holistic growth but also strengthen their belief in teamwork, which is important in this fast-paced world. They need to understand importance of emotional balance, critical thinking, and most importantly accepting failure graciously! It is our strife to endow them with all these qualities and more. We believe in empowering our children in such a manner that they act as representatives of a meaningful and value-based society! Our pedagogy which is holistic and comprehensive complements this. We have a team of fabulous teachers who display boundless energy and intense commitment which keeps the ethos of our school shining brightly.

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings! One is offered by our loving parents and the other is offered by us. At Empros, each day that unfolds, is a wonder and a miracle! ‘Let us keep alive the child’s in born sense of wonder, let us arouse their curiosity to discover the mystery of the world we live in!’